Exhibition of artworks by a Hungarian Graphic Artist in New Delhi, India On February 10, 2023

Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Centre Delhi organised an exhibition called ‘AIM FOR THE STARS’. The exhibition showcases fifteen artworks by Hungarian Graphic Artist, Ms. Orsolya Csilléry. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Marianne Erdő, Director of Liszt Institute-Hungarian Cultural Centre Delhi and Ms. Orsolya Csilléry, co-founder and art teacher of the Fenyvesi Painting School, at Lokayata Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi. The Exhibition will be open to the public from 10th to 16th February, 2023. Ms. Orsolya Csilléry, a graphic artist, is one of the founding teachers of Fenyvesi Painting School,  Zebegény in Hungary. The Fenyvesi Painting School is the private painting school of painter Gábor Fenyvesi and the graphic artist Orsolya Csilléry. The School is in the Danube bend, a region of Hungary with unique natural endowments, in a picturesque waterfront village Zebegény. This small village, whose first holiday houses and villas began to be built at the turn of the century, is traditionally a popular place of creation for artists. The villa’s fame comes from its previous owners: the Szepessy-Gottesmann family, including painter Amrita Sher-Gil and the scholar of Indian culture, Ervin Baktay, both of whom often spent their vacations in the inspiring surroundings of Zebegény.

Ms. Orsolya was born in 1976 in Budapest and is living with her family in Zebegény where her studio and private art school are located. She studied and graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, with the specialisation of graphic arts. She further studied at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, specialising in artist books. She has won many awards and bursaries. Her art exhibitions have taken place in several countries. At the sideline of the event, speaking to the reporters, she disclosed this is her first visit to India and she is very happy to be here. She was always passionately interested in the origin of art. The strong sense of sumptuous mix of traditions and the ancient art in India charmed her. Her favourite artists are Csontváry and Paul Gauguin. Her favourite field of special interest in Indian art is Indian miniature paintings. Her favourite quote on art is “Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God.” by Rembrandt van Rijn. The event was well attended by diplomats, artists and other distinguished invitees. 

Author: Gopalan Rajamani, New Delhi, India